Why Do Casinos Give Out Free Drinks

Anyone who is a first-timer at a casino, may not actually know this, but in most Las Vegas casinos, things are not exactly as expensive as the Internet makes it out to be. It is true that everything is luxurious and glamorous, but that does not mean that you have to drop a pretty dollar for everything. Especially if you are looking for some drinks, there is a huge possibility that you will get drinks for free. You will not even have to spend a single dollar when it comes to drinks, because you get them for free, especially if you’re playing games.

If you are gambling or playing at one of the tables, you are definitely going to be offered some drinks for free. The waiter or waitress will keep bringing you whichever drink you want, but you should instruct them. It would be best if you also looked at some other establishments because that would be a smart move. Follow some travel blogs, before you visit casinos. Older establishments are all located in the downtown section of Las Vegas, and they offer you more chances of winning, and they offer you free drinks as well.


Here are some reasons why you get free drinks.

If the drinks are free, the customers will stay put, and it will attract more customers. If the drinks are free, it will also make sure that the customers are content and they do not want to leave from there, because why would you want to leave a place where you are getting free drinks of your choice? It is definitely a tactic that a lot of casinos employ, to keep the patrons in for longer. As long as people are spending more time in the casino, they are spending more money as well. Another thing that casinos provide you is free food as well. The notion behind the fact that people stay put where they are comfortable is very true. If you are having fun, there is a huge possibility that your body will not want to move from there. The casino will make sure that you have a lot of fun. They also make sure that there are strategically placed restaurants, so that you don’t have to leave the area. All these things are psychological tactics which are designed to keep you on the casino floor for as long as possible.

casino floor

Defined when you keep gambling, the casino will definitely profit from it. You are indirectly paying for all those drinks anyway. The casino takes a cut from every single game you play, which means that the casino is making money no matter what happens. These were a few reasons why casinos give out free drinks.

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