Auti-B-IndependentSH (SmartHome)

I have been dreaming of how cool it would be to create an “AutiBindependentSmartHome” or “Auti-B-IndependentSH” for ppl w/autism where everything can be controlled with an app on your smartphone/tablet, i.e., appliances, motion detectors, a life-size robot providing instruction, use the latest tech in all rooms from solar panels, to accessible programming for kitchen appliances, TV, lights (no bulbs) LED’s for every room in the house. Voice-activated prompts, and social praise. Shutting off the appliances at a certain time or when they haven’t been used in a while all while providing these individuals a sense of independence and providing them the tools to remain safe and become functional young adults in their home and in the community. I want to employ them at my non-profit with the AutiKnow app & build up their self-esteem. Give them the confidence they need to be successful out in an inclusive work environment. Teach them the skills to be functional young adults via the use of innovative tech, teaching them to cook for themselves, from vacuuming & cleaning, to dressing and grooming appropriately, Kind of reminds me of the Jetsons! The robot could teach social skills that we have programmed & interacting with peers. It could be captured live stream and be monitored by a loved one. We could pair the blinds to close at dusk and electrical outlets to activate a fan when motion is detected in a room etc. Activate the heating system remotely, there’s so much that can be done to improve the quality of these persons’ lives.

Smart homes, stuffed with futuristic appliances that can be controlled remotely, will be the wave of the future for typical people but imagine the impact on those with disabilities? This could also be a potential game-changer for the disabled not to mention the peace of mind for families of loved ones but the insurance companies, state governments, and cities.

As of 2010 there were 57.6 million Americans with disabilities according to the American Association of People with Disabilities
We can provide the tools (tech) to make this Auti-B-IndependentSH for people with autism to live & work more independently, allowing them to take control—turn on and off lights via their smartphone or tablet. Imagine your doorbell rings & you could look at your smartphone to find out who is there? This type of home could be a major game-changer for those with disabilities. I believe we have the ability to be transformative for this population and make a major impact on our society.